Poor Heuristics

Arts and Law, Research
Monday 18th November 2013 (16:15-18:00)
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Dr Darragh Byrne (email: d.byrne@bham.ac.uk)

Philosophy Society 2013-2014

María Navarro (Spanish National Research Council & University of Birmingham)

Poor Heuristics: A Case of Cross-Cultural Variation in Heuristic Reasoning

The abstract:

In recent decades the study of fast and frugal heuristics has implied a revolution in cognitive science and in approaches to human rationality. Despite this, the epistemic analysis of heuristics has been somewhat limited, as it is identified with Gerd Gigerenzer’s ecological concept of rationality. The paper shows some recent cases of heuristic reasoning and its results in order to explain to what extent Gigerenzer and the ABC Research Group’s conception about heuristics is limited.