Two Philosopher's Annual successes


The Philosophy department is delighted to report that Birmingham Fellow Dr Justin Clarke-Doane's article "Morality and Mathematics: The Evolutionary Challenge" and Research Professor Kit Fine's article "Guide to Ground" have been recognised as two of the top ten philosophy articles of 2012. Clarke-Doane's article first appeared in Ethics 122 (2) in January 2012 and Fine's paper in a collection of articles entitled Metaphysical Grounding (ed. by F. Correia and B. Schneider, Cambridge University Press, 2012).

The Philosopher's Annual is an online journal edited by graduate students at the University of Michigan. Each year the editors of this journal ask prominent philosophers to serve as nominators. This group then nominates and selects ten best articles published in philosophy during the previous year. To be included in the journal is thus a major honour! The ten best articles for 2012, including Clarke-Doane's and Fine's, will soon appear on the Philosopher's Annual's website together with the list of philosphers who served as nominating editors. The Philosophy department congratulates Dr Clarke-Doane and Professor Fine for this major achievement.