Randal Everist

Randal Everist

Department of Philosophy
Doctoral researcher

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ERI Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

PhD title: The Metaphysics of God as Embodied and Divine Action 
Supervisor: Yujin Nagasawa
PhD Philosophy


My research focuses on constructing a response to a new argument for the ‘Embodied God’ thesis—the thesis that the universe embodies God in some way. I look to explain the intersection of various ontological commitments (from truth-maker theory) with divine action, and explore what it means to be located in spacetime at or in a given point. The question is whether or not traditional theism—the thesis that God is perfect as represented in the Abrahamic religions—is up to the task in accounting for divine interaction within the universe, and whether that interaction requires that the universe be God’s body in some way or another. Within the philosophy of mind, I also aim to explore at least two modal versions of the pairing problem against mental causation and assess their impact on the dialectic of an embodied God. My aim is to defend a modified traditional theism in the face of these considerations.