Alexander Miller Tate

Alexander Miller Tate

Department of Philosophy
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Emotional experience in depression
Supervisor: Lisa Bortolotti (Philosophy), Iain Law (Philosophy) and Rachel Upthegrove (Medical School, Psychiatry)
PhD Philosophy


Most of my research focuses on the Philosophy of Psychiatry, Emotion, and Mental Illness. For me, this encapsulates a much wider range of topics than perhaps is apparent from a first glance. I think about issues in this area from within the Situated Cognition paradigm. Roughly, this amounts to taking seriously the embodied, enacted, and environmentally embedded nature of our mental lives; that is, operating on the understanding that our psychology can only be properly understood with reference to our bodies, action tendencies, and surrounding social and natural environments. My PhD thesis involves attempting to provide some insights about the aetiology and nature of depression from this perspective. By taking this viewpoint, I have been pushed into thinking about the social, political, and ethical dimensions of mental illness, especially how best to understand the claim that mental illness can emerge as a result of unjust social and material circumstances. I spend some time exploring the significance of this claim for critical approaches to social and political philosophy more generally too.

I am also interested in Social Epistemology, Philosophical Logic, and Marxist Theory.