Isaura Peddis

Isaura Peddis

Department of Philosophy
Doctoral researcher

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ERI Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


All throughout my studies, I have developed a strong interest in moral philosophy and, more specifically, matters pertaining to practical philosophy. I believe philosophy can be a great tool to help every one of us discover the rationale behind our decisions and make wiser choices.

Determining the best action in a given situation involves different elements, some of them conscious and others not. Amongst those elements, emotions are what I am most interested in. Whilst they have often been depicted as undermining a human being’s rationality, I am convinced they enrich that very rationality.

In my PhD, I am researching the concept of empathy and its effects on our behaviour. Although the concept of empathy is present in different moral theories, it is yet to have been given a clear and universally accepted meaning. Therefore, I am seeking to better define the concept and investigate how it influences us in our daily lives in order to establish as precise as possible a meaning for this subject. Disciplines such as psychology and neuroscience will assist in reshaping the concept of empathy. This will be a key factor to the understanding and promotion of  behaviours that take into account others around us when we make decisions.

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