Has a comment on how you look made you feel bad? Don't feel bad. Kick back.

Share your stories with the #everydaylookism campaign.

Share your story

Negative comments about other people's bodies matter. When we shame bodies, we shame people. These are lookist comments.  We no longer put up with sexist comments, we don't need to keep putting up with lookist comments. Sharing your lookism stories shows how common lookism is, it calls it out, it says it's not ok.

We post the #everydaylookism stories as they are submitted to us. However, we only post stories which are explicitly about lookism. We do not post stories about any other form of discrimination or anything not directly related to the campaign. Some find reading and posting #everydaylookism stories painful. If you feel you need support of any kind please visit the support page, which lists organisations and contacts who can help. Thank you for feeling able to share your stories with us.

Share it today, Stop it tomorrow

Body shaming is people shaming. Together we can stop it.

Do you think today’s beauty ideal is out of control?

Don’t feel bad, kick back against body-shaming comments. 

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