Nicola Kennedy

How did you get to where you are today?

"I studied single honours Philosophy at Birmingham and am now training to become a Chartered accountant with a top 10 ranking Accountancy firm in England, where I am on a three year graduate programme. I work as an auditor, so I get to see a wide range of businesses and I’m in a different location most weeks which keeps things interesting."

How did your degree help develop the skills you needed?

"My degree in Philosophy gave me many valuable life skills which have eased my transition into the work place. I feel able and competent in my job, a confidence I acquired during my time at university.

"At the application stage, I used anecdotes and examples from lectures I had during my tenure at university, and I have no doubt that impressing my interviewers with my knowledge of philosophical issues helped me to get the job, as on some level, everyone has an interest in these things, as they relate to the world and to real issues."

What was the best thing about studying at Birmingham?

"Philosophy is a fantastic degree subject as it is varied, interesting and useful for the future. I would recommend it to anyone The Philosophy Faculty at Birmingham University are quite young, and this gives a fresh and modern approach to the age old issues under discussion."