News in Theology and Religion

Codex Sinaiticus Anniversary survey

The electronic edition of Codex Sinaiticus is ten years old this month! A new survey has been released online to gather information about the impact of this groundbreaking digital resource.

Theology @ Stowe Women Islam and Art

The Department of Theology's Dr Yafa Shanneik will be speaking at Stowe House in Buckinghamshire on Tuesday 21 May on the topic of "Women, Islam and Art"

Grant Edwards posts online manuscript database

CDDGB database

ITSEE doctoral student Grant Edwards has posted online The Collaborative Database of Dateable Greek Bookhands, a catalogue of objectively dated Greek manuscripts written in a literary script between 0-899 CE.

Hugh Houghton lectures at the Sorbonne


The ITSEE director has been appointed a visiting professor at the Sorbonne in Paris and will be giving four lectures this month on the theme of the Latin Bible from Antiquity to the Digital Age.

The Eleventh Birmingham Colloquium: report

The Eleventh Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament took place in Birmingham this week, with 70 participants from all over the world.

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