Current and recent postgraduate student views

Joseph Edwin PhD Theology and Religion

edwinI come from India, a land of religious and cultural diversity. I was always felt fascinated by how cultures provide platform for religions to interact with each other in harmony.  My studies and interaction with Muslims in India created an interest in deepening my understanding of Christian - Muslim relations. My next task was to search for a supervisor who could guide and challenge me in the area of my interest.

My search put me in touch with Dr David Thomas. I chose him as my supervisor and I chose Birmingham University to do my research. Birmingham's mulitcultural and multireligious atmosphere and the university's academic culture provide me with the best possible environment for research.

Christopher Wojtulewicz PhD Theology and Religion

chris"I studied Theology as an undergraduate at Birmingham, and was overwhelmingly impressed by the friendly nature of the department.  Staff and students enjoy positive and encouraging relationships, which is the breeding ground for new ideas and original research.  For myself, such an opportunity for original research was the motivation for continuing on to PhD level.  I now work with my supervisor on an important and groundbreaking international research project. 

The University of Birmingham offers an incredible network of support, encouragement and advice - a necessary element in making the difficult transition into an academic career.  The Edgbaston campus is a beautiful place - from the leafy autumnal beginnings and the snow-drenched red brick departments of winter, through to the summer sun.  It is only a short distance by car or train to the city centre, meaning you are always well connected to potential future business and all necessary commodities.  This connection is reflected in the University itself, which is not a collection of isolated departments, but a dynamic group of experts who reach out to other disciplines, maximizing results and research.  When the time comes for me to leave, I shall be sorry to say goodbye to such a happy and intellectually stimulating community, forever grateful for all they have taught me and the doors they have opened."

Sheba Saeed PhD Theology and Religion

saeedI am a Home PhD student currently conducting doctoral research into begging in Mumbai, India. I am researching religious, socio-economic, political reasons for begging as well as investigating possible solutions for the phenomenon.

It was during my Masters studies that I got the chance to produce my documentary “Beggars of Lahore”, the stage I first started thinking of doing a PhD and continuing research in my chosen area of study.

The department of Philosophy and Theology and Religion is full of enthusiastic and friendly staff, all of whom excel in their respective fields as do the staff of my supporting department.  I value the fact that my University is a well-reputed “Red-Brick” institution producing world-class research in a city which is my birthplace.