Research: Jewish and holocaust studies specialism

Birmingham is is one of the most racially, culturally and religiously diverse communities in the UK (including the local Jewish community) - and with the excellent relationships we have with many of the city’s faith communities, you will gain a first-hand insight into many significant religious traditions.


We host regular outreach seminars in the area of Jewish Studies in conjunction with Mosaic: The Birmingham Society for Jewish Studies as well the annual Rabbi Leonard Tann Memorial Lecture delivered in 2009 by Prof. Michael E. Stone (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), the Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks (2010), Prof. Amy-Jill Levine (Vanderbilt Divinity School, Nashville, 2011), Prof Gary Rendsburgh (Rutgers University, New Jersey, 2012), and Prof. Martin Goodman (University of Oxford, 2013). 

Staff with research interests in Jewish and holocaust studies

Professor Charlotte Hempel

Professor Charlotte Hempel

Professor of Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Judaism
Head of School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion

Hebrew Bible, Second Temple Judaism, Dead Sea Scrolls.

Dr Isabel Wollaston

Dr Isabel Wollaston

Senior Lecturer in Jewish and Holocaust Studies

Jewish and holocaust studies, contemporary Christian-Jewish relations; Jewish and Christian (post-)holocaust theologies.

Theology and Religion research specialisms