Joseph Scales

Joseph Scales

Department of Theology and Religion
Doctoral Researcher

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PhD title: Religious Identity and Spatiality in 1st Century BCE Galilee
Supervisor: Charlotte Hempel and Karen Wenell
PhD Theology and Religion


My thesis focuses on the interaction between Jewish religious identity during the Second Temple period and the space around these ancient people. I am particularly interested in how this interplay functioned and manifested itself in ancient Galilee, between the 2nd century BCE and 2nd century CE. During this time, Galilee shifted between Hellenistic kingdom’s control, Iturean influence, Hasmonean hegemony, Herodian rulership, and Roman dominion. Areas of study that often cross over with my research interests include studies on: Jewish identity; Hellenism and Judaism; variety in ancient Jewish religious attitudes; Hasmonean and Herodian kingdoms; archaeology of the Hellenistic and Early Roman periods.