Anna Shirav

Anna Shirav

Department of Theology and Religion
Doctoral Researcher

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PhD title: Ezekiel Traditions from the Corpus of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Light of 4QPseudo-Ezekiel
SupervisorProfessor Charlotte Hempel and Professor Hugh Houghton
PhD Theology and Religion


  • B.A. Department of Biblical Studies, Department of Philosophy, University of Haifa. Israel
  • M.A. Department of Biblical Studies, University of Haifa, Israel


This project will challenge the widely-held scholarly assessment of the Qumran manuscripts known as Pseudo-Ezekiel and suggest that the current classification runs counter to the latest insights on the fluidity of the emerging Bible in light of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

With the aid of cutting-edge digital tools, I will offer a new material reconstruction of the parchment scrolls of Pseudo Ezekiel from Qumran.