David Tatum

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Department of Theology and Religion
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: The doctrine of the immortal soul and the mortality of Jesus
SupervisorsDr Rhiannon Grant, Co-Supervisors Professor Ben Pink Dandelion and Professor Candida Moss
PhD Theology and Religion


  • BA Philosophy and Theology, Point Loma Nazarene University, 2004
  • MDiv Nazarene Theological Seminary, 2007


All human beings experience death. It is therefore a universal concern of humanity to investigate the question of its finality. It is further an imperative Christian concern to understand what it means to say that Jesus experienced death through crucifixion. Ancient-Israelite and Greco-Roman literature predating the life and ministry of Jesus define the soul (Hebrew nephesh, Greek psyche) as either mortal or immortal. While various methods have been applied to the question of the soul’s immortality (Scriptural, Philosophical, Empirical, Scientific), none have utilised an Anabaptist Christocentric hermeneutic. This method is unique in that it uses Christ’s life, teaching, and death, as the interpretive lens for defining both divinity and humanity.