The Minority Anglicanism Project

Welcome to the official website of The Minority Anglicanism Project.  The aim of this Paton-funded project is to explore the needs, challenges and gifts of Minority Anglicans in the Church of England. 

About the study 

The Minority Anglicanism Project

Despite the vibrant insights that Black theology has brought to the wider discipline, insufficient attention has been given to the experience of Minority Anglicans in the Church of England and how churches might enhance mutual flourishing.

The ‘Exploring Minority Anglicanism project’ is a research initiative to better understand the issues surrounding welcoming, accommodating, acclimatising, absorbing, licensing and supporting self-identifying minority ethnic Anglicans in our church congregations in the Church of England. This study is conducted by the Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion, in the School of Philosophy, Theology & Religion, at the University of Birmingham, in collaboration with the Diocese of Birmingham to address this research gap..

Who is funding this study?

This project is funded by a William Paton endowment within the department of Theology.

Who is eligible to take part in this study?

The only qualifying criterion to take part in this study is that you are over eighteen years of age and self-identify as a Christian. While this study is primarily focused on congregations in the Church of England, we hope to collect a non C of E sample for comparison, so please feel free to take part even if you do not belong to a Church of England congregation. While the study hopes to understand whether ethnicity among other demographic characteristics plays a part in how congregants are absorbed and identify with their worshipping community, we hope to have a representative sample from all ethnic groups, to fully grasp the mechanisms at play. So please fill out the questionnaire to the best of your ability and feel free to give us feed-back on the feedback boxes allied to each section. We hope to gather data in every diocese in the Church of England, so please share this with other members of your congregation and anyone else appropriate who you think might be interested irrespective of ethnicity.

Call for participants (PDF)

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How can you support this study?

While we hope the diocese of Birmingham will drive much of the recruitment and disseminate the call for participants to other Dioceses and their parishes, C of E clergy & laity can support the study by following our social media platforms and sharing or retweeting the project. To launch the questionnaire we will tweet the URL address of the research platform. We hope people will share this URL with their congregations and church friends, which will maximise engagement. Nuanced insight into experiences of congregations can help dioceses build some really transformative approaches to inclusive ministry which will make a real difference in people’s lives. To be kept informed on the study, and be added to our mailing list on for regular updates on

You can participate by clicking on this link

What does this study hope to achieve?

What is encouraging is that many C of E clergy and laity are intentionally open to ensuring that minority ethnic Anglican congregants are welcomed and included; what is missing is, enough informed praxis in a pastoral or ministerial black theology, based in evidenced inferential research.  Therefore this is a really encouraging endeavour which is proactively looking to build practical knowledge.  We hope to understand how churches might better welcome, accommodate, acclimatise, absorb, license and support minority ethnic Anglicans in our church congregations in the Church of England. We hope to learn from minority ethnic Anglican clergy & laity about their aspirations, frustrations, prescriptions & needs, as much as from everyone else from their experiences, solutions and reflections. Communion is a collaborative effort and the Church of England is rich in experience and praxis on what works and what doesn’t, and we hope to learn from clergy & laity across the country and share in their experience & expertise. This is not just arm chair theology, or even arm chair psychology, but the kind of research praxis which we hope will make a real contribution to the Church of England and its ministry.

Where will I find the results of the study?

 We hope to produce a publicly accessible summary of research findings on the Cadbury Centre page of the University of Birmingham, Philosophy, Theology and Religion website in parallel to any academic papers and presentations we might produce. These will be signposted via our social media platforms. If you would like to be kept updated, it is also possible to sign up to a newsletter which will keep participants updated on our progress and send you links to any public / academic workshops and forums. More detailed reports will be formulated for the diocese of Birmingham. Other diocese who would like a copy of the detailed report can contact the principal investigator for a copy. Various research output from the data will also be presented at academic conferences & in peer reviewed academic journals. We will also signpost these as and when they are ready via our social media platforms.

You can participate by clicking on this link

For further information or to find out how you can participate in this project, please contact Dr Sanjee Perera Research Fellow in Theology and Religion, at