Our student perspectives

Hear our students talk about why they love studying in our close-knit Theology and Religion Department.



"There are so many thought-provoking modules which are on offer, with all major religions covered - which makes it tantalisingly difficult to narrow down your choices! Module Tutors are very helpful and encouraging as they are always ready to address any questions or issues you may have. You are also allocated a Personal Tutor, who provides an extra source of support. You soon get to know the people on your course, and by the end of your first semester, you feel that you are part of a family."


gibson"Students are taught by some of the leading academics in each field, and also have the ability to construct their own broad degrees out of inter-related topics. At the same as having a wide scope, the department feels friendly and helpful. In many ways I get the best of both worlds, with some small teaching groups and independent projects for closer attention, and some large lectures which feel more dynamic."


sanders"The Theology department at the University of Birmingham offers a wide selection of modules, and that along with the academic expertise of the staff means that whatever particular interest in religion you may have, whether it be theological, sociological or historical, you will be able to follow that particular interest. Students are also viewed more as colleagues and peers at Birmingham, which is of course easier in such a compact department where it’s so much easier to speak to the staff and get to know them."