Why study Theology and Religion?

Are you thinking about studying Theology at university but unsure what you will gain from studying this subject? Watch our short film to hear students Lauren, Will, Reem, Cait and Abbie explain why they love studying Theology - and why we think you will too.

Read on to discover five reasons why studying Theology at university is not just rewarding in itself but also useful for your future career.

1) Theology is a relevant, contemporary subject

An understanding of religious and spiritual perspectives in the contemporary world is so important, whatever your belief system. This is because faith is such a powerful cultural force that influences decision-making in all manner of groups and individuals. So, an increased awareness of cultural sensitivities is an essential tool for understanding the motivations of others, and of ourselves.

2) We are based in a culturally-diverse city

Birmingham is one of the most culturally and religiously diverse communities in Europe, providing the perfect backdrop for studying theology. All faiths are well-represented, with more than 650 churches, mosques, synagogues and temples across the city. You will also benefit from our excellent relationships with the city’s faith communities, giving you first-hand experience of significant religious traditions.

3) Focus on topics that interest you the most

Within the Department of Theology and Religion, there are four distinctive degree combinations to choose from:

Our unique programmes allow you to address and unpick critical issues, such as feminism and climate change, through the lens of theology, philosophy, ethics, history and/or politics. In your second and final years, you can tailor your programme to focus on the areas that interest you the most. Whatever you choose to specialise in, however, you will graduate with well-rounded skills in debating and reflective thinking.

4) It’s great for employability

An appreciation for different perspectives is fundamental in any workplace. Alongside our fantastic Careers Network at the university, the Department of Theology and Religion runs a work placement module in the second year to give your employability a boost. This module allows your grounding in theology to inform and develop your skills and career aspirations. Our theology graduates have gone onto work in such a diverse range of professions, including:

  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Publishing
  • Social policy
  • Local government
  • Charity work

5) Unlock your potential for success in life and work

Humans are social beings, and we are drawn to positive influences. So, how we act in public, at work, on social media and with our friends and family can impact on wider society in small but remarkable ways. Whilst studying Theology at university, you may notice that qualities such as empathy, respecting differences and recognising the motivations of others come more naturally to you, allowing you to connect with people on a much deeper level.