Previous events



26th November - Ezra's legacy in the dead sea scrolls

18th November - Fashion and Body Image with Shahida Bari

4th November - Ending Diet Culture with the Anti Diet Riot Club with Becky Young

31st October - GloPent World 2020

28th October - "The Tyranny of Thinness" with Clem Prendergast

21st October - Perfection on Social Media & "The Instagram Face" with Melissa Seley

17th October - Undergraduate Open Day

15th-17th October - Worship and the Megachurch digital conference

14th October - Talking Body Image & Children with Molly Forbes

7th October - Perfection, Imperfection, and Bodies with Sylvia Mac

30th September - Mental Health and Body Image with Dr Antonis Kousoulis

22nd September - Building trust

15th September-6th October - Multiple Religious Belonging Online Conference

12th September - Undergraduate Open Day

21st-23rd July - Third International Conference on Philosophy and Meaning in Life - online!

8th July - Postgraduate Offer Holder Day - College of Arts and Law

25th June - Undergraduate Open Day

24th June - Undergraduate Open Day

22nd June - Is religion the blind spot of populism?

28th-29th May - Cancelled: Ethics in a Global Environment

18th-22nd May - Postponed: Cadbury Lectures 2020

24th March - Perennialism and Politics

18th March - Mainstream cosmopolitanism and the first-personal problem

11th March - Postgraduate Open Day

11th March - Commentary manuscripts of the Greek New Testament: Codex Zacynthius and the CATENA project

10th March - Islam and Gendered Subjectivities

4th March - Philosophy Society Seminar Series

3rd March - Islam, Gender and Tradition

26th February - PG student papers

26th February - The Moral Limits of Consent to Harm: The Case of Uterine Transplants

12th February - Philosophy Society Seminar Series

11th February - Re-Calling the Caliphate

29th January - Duty-bearers' concerns about duties for global justice: Are they legitimate? And why should justice theorists care?

16th January - One-Day Philosophy of Religion Workshop

15th January - Philosophy Society Seminar Series


11th December - Applying the Capability Approach of Nussbaum and Sen to conceptualising and tackling energy poverty

11th-12th December - STECA - Second Temple Early Career Academy

9th December - FraMEPhys-MetaScience Workshop

9th December - The silence about Ezra in the Dead Sea Scrolls: where do we go from here?

8th-10th December - Ezra's Legacy and the Dead Sea Scrolls conference

3rd December - On Secularism and Multiculturalism

27th November - Philosophy Society Seminar Series

21st November - Being Human Festival 2019: 21st Century Body Panel Discussion with Q&A

19th November - Norbert Elias, Religious Symbolism, and the Civilising Process

13th November - Ethics in the Spectacle of the 'Post-Truth' US and UK

5th November - Codex Zacynthius: Retracing the Words of Scribes and Early Christian Writers

30th October - Philosophy Society Seminar Series

16th October - Why it's bad for you to be rich – the effects of wealth on empathy

2nd October - Philosophy Society Seminar Series

30th September - Christian Theology in the Image of Pentecost

9th September - Life, death and meaning - Eastern and Western perspectives

26th June - Pouring Water through a Telescope

18th June - Red Hands

17th-18th June - Higher-Order Metaphysics Conference

12th June - The Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (TIMES) Forum 3rd Annual Post-graduate Symposium

3rd June - Unification, reduction and emergence in condensed matter physics

30th May - My Body, My Self – public lecture by Heather Widdows

30th May - Cadbury Lectures 2019 - On Being at Home in the World

30th-31st May - Bodies and embodiment - fifth annual conference of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics

29th May - Philosophy Society Seminar Series

29th May - Cadbury Lectures 2019 - God's Love, God's Home: A Brief Story of Everything

28th May - Cadbury Lectures 2019 - Modern Homelessness

28th-30th May - Cadbury Lectures 2019 - The World as God's Home

20th May - Re-defining equilibrium for long-range interacting systems

16th-17th May - Inside Festival Cultures: Fields, Bodies, Ecologies

15th May - Academic Philosophy: What Is It? What Do We Want It to Be?

13th May - Philosophy of Religion workshop

1st May - Philosophy Society Seminar Series

26th-27th April - Sufism and Philosophy: Historical Interactions and Crosspollinations

3rd April - Perfect Me: Beauty as an Ethical Ideal - Heather Widdows at the Oxford Literary Festival

13th March - What's Wrong with Military Involvement in Schools?

11th March - Structural explanation in physics

4th-6th March - At One Remove: Versions and Other Indirect Evidence for the New Testament

27th February - Political Rights for Animals

25th February - Dependence relations in general relativity

13th February - Classrooms as holding environments

13th February - An Event with Navine G. Khan-Dossos and Professor Lisa Downing

13th February - Philosophy Society Seminar Series

11th February - A tale of two anachronisms

6th February - Technologies of print

6th February - Logicality, invariance and semantic constraints

30th January - Emergency politics and the obligation of securitizing actors

29th January - Faith and Activism: A Conversation

28th January - Robots, emotions, and epistemic rational assessability

23rd January - Autonomous levels of description: the metaphysics within (philosophy of) physics

16th January - Refugees and the limits of political philosophy

10th-11th January - FraMEPhys/Gothenburg Conference on Metaphysical Explanation in Science

9th January - Naturalistic Neutralism


17th-18th December - Identity and Quantification Workshop

13th December - Philosophy Society Seminar Series

12th December - Enabling Nonhuman Animal Agency: Consent, Assent, and Dissent

5th December - Consequentialism and the justification of blame – what one-eyed utilitarianism still can't do

5th December - Robots, emotions, and epistemic rational assessability

4th December - Abul Ala Maududi's theo-democracy: Locating sovereignty in colonial and post-colonial states

29th November - Women* in Philosophy - Consent and the Epistemology of Reporting Sexual Violence

28th November - Philosophy Society Seminar Series

28th November - Why is there Philosophy of Mathematics? An Appetizer

21st November - Grounding-theoretic anti-realism about psychological truths

21st November - The genesis story of experience

20th November - Elephants, pomegranates, and the attributes of God: The Quranic worlds of Ignazio Lomellini and Lodovico Marracci

16th November - Elements of Displacement workshop at DaDa Festival

15th November - Three faiths, one question: why do good people do bad things?

14th November - Social Structural Standards as Human Rights

7th November - Depression, empathy, and experiential difference

31st October - Objects and Properties in Causation

28th October - The rise of beauty-standard denialism - a philosopher and New York Times critic in conversation

24th October - Are confabulations representational?

23rd October - The political impact of the self during the Islamic Revolution

20th October - A Duty to be Beautiful?

17th October - Anti-Abortion Advocacy, Violence, and Toleration

10th October - Are we all one? Mysticism for analytic metaphysicians

10th October - There are no implicit attitudes

9th October - Muslim feminist methodologies and the reform of Sharia Councils in Britain

3rd October - Odours, Sense Data and Pluralism about Perception

1st October - Companion to the Dead Sea Scrolls - Book Launch

21st September - Global Justice from Below Workshop

10th September - Introduction to Inter-Continental Academia (ICA): global networks and interdisciplinary research

4th September - Perfect Bodies and Ideal Images

20th-21st August - CPT/FraMEPhys Workshop on Time and Explanation

20th July - Human Rights in the 21st Century: Developing Rights in a Developing World

3rd-5th July - Women* in Philosophy - British Postgraduate Philosophy Association Annual Conference and Careers Day

19th June - FraMEPhys workshop on explanatory pluralism

12th June - The importance of women in early Pentecostalism: A case study from Sweden

6th June - Philosophy Work in Progress Seminar Series 2017/18

6th June - Philosophy PGR seminar series 2017/18

1st June - Muslim Women and Radicalization

1st June - Perfect Me: Beauty as an Ethical Ideal by Heather Widdows - book launch and reception

31st May - Rediscovering Religious Texts

31st May - Structural Injustice – public lecture by Jonathan Wolff

31st May-1st June - A Post-liberal World?

29th May - A Duty to be Beautiful

23rd May - PERFECT 2018: Confabulation Workshop

23rd May - The times they are a-changin'

23rd May - How dementia may tip the scales: Reconsidering the balance between critical and experiential interests

18th May - Cadbury Lectures 2018 - The intertwinement of religious and secular dynamics in our global age: global denominationalism and the globalization of the secular immanent frame

17th May - Cadbury Lectures 2018 - The external road of colonial encounters and the formation of a world system of religious pluralism

16th May - 'Man is the maker of his own cosmos': Constance Naden's synthetic philosophy

15th May - Cadbury Lectures 2018 - The internal European road of secularization: confessionalization and deconfessionalization

14th May - Philosophy of Religion One-Day Workshop

14th May - Cadbury Lectures 2018 - The modern religious-secular binary system of classification

9th May - The Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (TIMES) Forum 2nd Annual Post-graduate Symposium

9th May - Confabulation and narrative

9th May - Interpretive Injustice in Psychiatry

3rd-4th May - Colour and form in the disordered mind conference

2nd May - Political Responsibility

25th April - Prior to Ryle to Prior: 'Logic' to 'Logic' to Logic

25th April - Vulnerability and Justice in Global Health Emergencies

16th-17th April - Europe's new migrants: marriage practices and policies

27th March - Learn to disagree better - scriptural reasoning workshop

26th-27th March - Relations, Unity and Regress Workshop

21st March - Transparent failure of norms to keep up standards of belief

21st March - The principle of reflection and nested sequents

21st March - Philosophy PGR seminar series 2017/18

21st March - Burali-Forti as a Purely Logical Paradox

20th March - Coretta: My Life, My Love, My Legacy - a talk on the memoir-biography of Martin Luther King's widow by author Barbara Reynolds

19th March - Islamic studies – scientific or confessional? A contested university subject

14th March - Philosophy Society Seminar Series

13th March - You want me to stop doing what?

13th March - Timecrimes

7th March - A Metaphysical Resolution of the Imperfective Paradox

7th March - Second-Order Nominalism

7th March - Interrogating the ethics of transitional justice: transforming or maintaining inequalities? Reflections from Colombia

5th March - Market Islam and organising Hajj-going in late modern Britain: tour operators, pilgrim welfare and UK governance

28th February - Does a temporal asymmetry of value support a tensed metaphysics?

23rd February - Philosophy of Afterlife Workshop

21st February - Charting the Heraclitean Brain: Perspectivism and Simplification in Models of the Motor Cortex

21st February - Problematising democracy - the case for plural voting

19th February - Gendering prophecy in the Islamic tradition

7th February - Dummett's indefinite extensibility and the natural numbers

7th February - Indigenous religions in China today

31st January - Climate change, over-demandingness and 'real life': Investigating the role of empirical analysis in philosophical debate

29th January - Untold stories: Arab media provision for children

25th January - Forbidden Fruit: Translating the Qur'an in early modern Europe

24th January - Utilitarianism for the fictionalist

24th January - A defence of the epistemic rational assessability of emotions

24th January - Beautiful bookhands and careless characters: An alternative approach to the Dead Sea Scrolls

17th January - Obligation and Blameworthiness in Non-agent Groups

17th January - Living with gods peoples, places and worlds beyond

15th January - The obligation to migrate and the impulse to narrate: forced migration from the Caucasus to Ottoman lands in the Soviet literary imagination


13th-14th December - Properties and Predication Workshop

6th December - The 'joyful challenge' of minority congregations' use of Anglican church spaces in a diverse urban diocese

6th December - Brain dysfunction and moral culpability

6th December - Debunking arguments in mathematics and ethics

5th December - Islamophobia, literature and culture

30th November - Factivity and Basic Perceptual Reasons

29th November - Suspending Judgment: A Corrective

29th November - Persian Documents from Pre-Mongol Bamiyan

28th November - Pantheism and Panentheism Project Workshop

27th November - The Mayor and Faith Conference

23rd November - Muslim Societies and Islam

22nd November - Challenges to Wellbeing: The Experience of Loneliness and the Threat of Epistemic Injustice in the Clinical Encounter

22nd November - Ethics Brunch Series 2017/18

22nd November - Against Speciesism

21st November - Body and spirit in early Islamic theology

15th November - History and Persons

13th November - Memory as a generative epistemic source

8th November - Big Data and Christian Ethics

8th November - Fake news as a threat to democracy

7th November - Funding research on transnational Islam: the ALTERUMMA project

25th October - Ethics Brunch Series 2017/18

25th October - Theology and Religion Research Project Seminar

18th October - Excusing Ordinary Individuals from Moral Responsibility for Global Injustice

17th October - The complexities of "talking back" - How Dutch Muslims claim a public voice in the face of the racialisation of Islam

16th October - Clash of the Titans: Barth versus Hegel

11th October - Is the Sacred Spatial?

4th October - Philosophy Society Seminar Series

3rd October - Academic freedom and free speech in a time of 'terror'

27th September - Big Data and Christian Ethics

13th July - The 'Joyful Challenge' of Minority Congregations' Use of Anglican Church Spaces in a Diverse Urban Diocese

11th July - A sector deal on disability

9th June - Cognition, Affect and Motivation: Conceptual and Empirical issues

6th June - The Spirit of the Atonement: Pentecostal Challenges to the Christian Tradition

6th June - Walter J. Hollenweger Lecture 2017

5th June - Future desires, the agony argument, and subjectivism about reasons

1st June - Blood oil

1st-2nd June - Humanitarian ethics and action

31st May - Title to be confirmed

25th May - Optimism and success

18th May - Moral responsibility – hard cases

17th May - Title to be confirmed

16th May - Religion and foreign policy: a Brussels perspective

15th May - Seminar title to be confirmed

10th May - The Dead Sea Scrolls, Austerity, and the Role of Elites

10th May - United for Peace - Unity through Poetry

9th May - The Place of Sacred Art: A symposium exploring the interpretation of sacred art in secular and faith contexts

3rd May - Ungrounded ground

27th March - Exploring Radicalisation and Securitisation

21st March - Nasir al-Din Tusi and the Problem of Truthmaking in Medieval Arabic Thought

14th March - Seeing the Face of the Divine: Conceptions of God and the Cosmos in early Medieval Shiʿi Thought

13th March - Grounding, reduction and analysis

10th March - Heavenly bodies: with what kind of bodies will we come?

9th March - Like the angels? gender and procreation in Mark 12

7th March - Scriptural hermeneutics as philosophy: al-Shahrastani's Mafatih al-Asrar

7th March - The righteous amputees in Mark 9

6th March - Talking corpse or resurrected body: what can we know about the resurrection of Jesus in John?

2nd March - Reclaiming Hope: Faith in the Obama White House

28th February - Jewish Materials (isrāʾīlīyāt) in the Qurʾān and the 'Anxiety of Influence': Reflections on a Religious Debate

27th February - Knowing things

21st February - On European Islam: New Pathways beyond Orientalism and Occidentalism

16th February - Workshop on Cecile Fabre's Cosmopolitan Peace

8th February - The Spirit of Dis/continuity: Pentecostalism in a South African Township'

7th February - Contesting Ibn Taymiyyah: the debate between Muhammad ibn 'Abdul Wahhāb and his brother Sulayman

31st January - Publicly Funded Islamic Education in Europe: an opportunity for equal rights or a way to control Islam?

30th January - Idealism and the mind-body problem

24th January - I give you my word: Law and Medieval Islamicate Societies

21st-22nd January - Virtues of greatness: ​approaches to the past and present of magnanimity

20th January - 'On Cosmopolitanism: Equality, Ecology and the Transition to a Fairer World' Workshop

17th-30th January - Objects of Knowledge in Kalām

16th January - Into the Frying Pan: Moral Responsibility and Excuses

10th-30th January - From Banning Burkinis to Halal Hysteria: constructing Islamophobia in the social and political spaces

4th-5th January - The new methods of ethics, conference 2


7th December - Philosophy Work in Progress seminar

6th December - Ibn Taymiyya's uses of Ibn Rushd on God's attributes

1st December - What we do not talk when we talk about rescuers of Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland

29th November - Questions in the history of Muslim education

28th November - Who's Afraid of Andrea Dworkin? Feminism and the Analytic Philosophy of Sex?

22nd November - Is there a crisis in Muslim masculinity? Exploring the construction of Muslim masculinity in contemporary times and the impact of this

14th November - Equality and Variation

9th November - Philosophy Work in Progress seminar

8th November - The legal status of Muslims in Switzerland

1st November - Megachurches and Social Engagement in London Conference

25th October - A jurist among judges: The role of the mufti in South Asia

18th October - Can the idea of a British Islam be rescued? Using the example of institutional change to trace British Muslim integration

17th October - Philosophy Society seminar title tbc

12th October - Biases, beliefs and responsiveness to evidence

11th October - The School of Ra'y: Legal rationalism and its place in the early classical Hanafi school

10th October - Project PERFECT: Uncoupling Mental Illness from Irrationality

4th October - Using the 'other': Morisco 'borrowings' from Christian authors

3rd October - Reasoning and Consequence for Indicative Conditionals

23rd September - Philosophy of religion one-day workshop

15th-16th September - The new methods of ethics, conference 1

10th-12th July - BAJS Conference 2016: The Texture of Jewish Tradition: Investigations in Textuality

28th June - Philosophy of Religion Workshop

17th-18th June - Grounding and Consciousness Conference

15th June - Creating Kosher culture: Orthodox Jewish women making literature, music and film

14th June - Pentecostalism, the Body, and Embodiment

8th June - Get to the back of the Bus! Images of Orthodox Jewish women in the US, England and Canada

5th June - Millennium Own Goals?

3rd June - Cheating, corruption, and sport

26th May - How Pot (and other recreational drugs) Can Cure Racism

26th-27th May - Topics in global justice: agency, power and policy

24th May - Faith in social action: where next?

9th May - Action in ethics

9th May - Agency Without Rationality

25th April - Preference capture

18th March - Normativity in metaethics and epistemology

16th March - Philosophy Work in Progress Seminar

15th March - Points on translation and interpretation of the Qur'an

10th March - Global challenges: the contributions of social science

8th March - Muslims Living in non-Muslim Lands: Anti-Sharia Movements in the West in Light of Traditional Islamic Jurisprudence

8th March - National conversations: whose feathers are ruffled?

7th March - Credibility assessment in asylum interviews: a case of epistemic exploitation?

3rd March - Rethinking the metropolis: the unexpected can and does happen

2nd March - Philosophy Work in Progress Seminar

1st March - Thinking locally: continuity and change

25th-26th February - Optimism – Its nature, causes and effects

23rd February - Understanding gender in the apocalyptic and utopian thinking of so called Islamic State

22nd February - What is the basis of social cognition? On behaviour-reading, mindreading, and nativism

10th February - Decisions at the end of life: Halachah (Jewish law) meets reality?

9th February - From Europe to the Gulf: religious rituals among Shia women in London and Kuwait

4th-5th February - False but Useful Beliefs

3rd February - Philosophy Work in Progress Seminar

2nd February - Muslims living in non-Muslim lands: anti-Sharia movements in the West in light of traditional Islamic jurisprudence

1st February - Towards a grand unified theory of reference

27th January - The Afterlife of Biblical Texts

26th January - The Houthis: their history, ideology and impact on the future of Yemen

19th January - Hermeneutics of a justice orientated reading of Shari'a in Shi'i thought

8th January - Will the real Ibn Taymiyya please stand up? Hunting for Ibn Taymiyya's theological ethics.


9th December - AHRC M3C and WRoCAH DTP Policy Engagement Workshop: Religion Education Government Policy

8th December - The Hidden World of Islam in Britain: Tawiz, Sihr and Exorcism

1st December - The Mosque in the Qur'an

30th November - An Almost Carnapian Defence of Metaphysics

27th November - Belief and Emotion

24th November - The Houthis: their history, ideology and impact on the future of Yemen

20th November - Imperatives and their logic

17th November - Hermeneutics of a justice orientated reading of Shari'a in Shi'i thought

10th November - The Minimalisation of Christianity under Islamic rule.

9th November - Acquaintance with The Self

27th October - Abrogation in the Qur'an: History and Myths

20th October - Islam in Europe: Retrenchment and Renewal

19th October - A call for bioethics' creative reengagement with SRISPR/Cas9 genome editing debate

13th October - Mutahhari, the Ideologue of the Iranian Revolution.

2nd-25th October - The Birmingham Qur'an Manuscript Exhibition

9th September - 8th Philosophy of Religion One-Day Workshop

8th September - Special Event: Germany's Confrontation with the Holocaust in a Global Context

21st July - Giving Women Their Place in Holocaust History

20th July - German Concentration Camps Factual Survey

30th June - Delusions lunchtime seminar

25th June - Good and Evil in Biblical and Post-Biblical Traditions

3rd-4th June - Professionals, practitioners and beauty norms

27th-28th May - Birmingham workshop on probability and time travel

21st-22nd May - Global Gender Justice: New Directions

21st March - Public Lecture: The Kalam Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God

20th March - Just Pretend

19th-20th March - Making Ontological Commitments

17th March - The Challenge of Platonism

16th March - Sight, Sound and Mental Health

16th March - The Descendants: Changing Identity to Rectify Injustice

16th March - Divine Aseity

2nd March - Unstable Betting Behaviour and Imprecise Probabilities

25th February - Julius Wellhausen and the history of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

16th February - The John Hick archives project

2nd February - Quantified Epistemic Modality

19th January - Choosing To Change Your Values: Transformative Experience and Decision Making


1st December - The Best Available Parent

26th November - Global Justice and the Global South

25th November - Global Justice and the Global South

25th November-3rd December - The Edward Cadbury Lectures 2014

22nd November - The tickle stick: the importance of happiness and how to get it

17th November - Epistemic Expansions

12th November - (Mis)representing and reconstructing the role of the "four women" in the Auschwitz Sonderkommando uprising

30th October - Dabru Emet: A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity - Creation, Reception and Impact

20th October - How Not To Talk About Anger

20th October - The Auschwitz Sonderkommando Uprising: Piecing Together an Account

9th October - 7th Philosophy of Religion One-Day Workshop

3rd October - The University, the Study of Religion and the Public Square

29th September - Aesthetics and Value

22nd September - Sixth Annual Rabbi Tann Memorial Lecture

6th-7th August - In the unjust meantime

11th-13th July - Joint Session 2014

4th July - Emergencies and affected peoples: philosophy, policy and practice

16th-17th June - New Directions in Public Reason

13th June - Philosophy of Religion one-day workshop

10th June - Centre for Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies research seminars

9th June - Are some Qumran caves more special than others?

6th June - Royal Institute of Philosophy Workshop: time and well-being

4th June - Scholars of Islam workshop

3rd June - Philosophical progress and reasonable optimism

2nd June - Women in Genesis

30th May - The ethics of humanitarian intervention

24th May - Perfect me! at the Hay Festival

22nd May-1st June - Hay Festival

20th May - Centre for Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies research seminars

19th May - The comparative badness for animals of death and suffering

16th May - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Metaethics

12th May - Aesthetic adjectives

8th-9th May - Costs and Benefits of Imperfect Cognitions Workshop

6th May - What abilities are not

29th April - Centre for Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies research seminars

29th April - The Torah of Moses in the light of the Dead Sea scrolls

31st March - Urban Theology Forum guest lecture

27th March - Why things look different in the shade

24th March - Advaita Vedanta and British Idealism

21st March - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Capacities

21st March - 366 Days of Kindness – A Talk

18th March - Save the Children Fund Film

17th March - Mental Illness: Philosophy, Ethics and Society

17th March - Predictive Coding

17th-21st March - What is it to be human? (event cancelled)

13th March - Heaven and Hell

12th March - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Belief

3rd March - TBA

3rd March - A Painful Legacy: Martin Luther and the Jews

28th February - Philosophy of Religion one day workshop

26th February - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Truth and Vagueness

24th February - Structure and Quasi-Structure of Objects

24th February - Jewish Survival in early-modern Catholic Europe: Inquisition, Ghettoisation and Community

19th February - Commemoration & conflict workshop - 'challenges for HE practitioners in history, area studies & philosophical and religious studies

11th February - Reincarnation

10th February - Naming, Saying and Structure

4th February - Said Nursi's notion of sacred science: Its function and application in Hizmet High School education

3rd February - Could a Jew Be a Gentleman in Victorian England?

29th January - Writing the History of the Jews of Poland and Russia

27th January - Vague Desire: the Sorites and the Money Pump

22nd January - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Non-Standard Logic

21st January - How can we research Islam properly in the current climate?

20th January - Human dignity: a useful concept?


11th December - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Understanding and the A Priori

10th December - The Arabic-Afrikaans manuscript tradition: Its material production and theological impact on South Africa's Muslims

9th December - History and Non-Identity

4th December - The Kindertransport in History and Memory

3rd December - Living without why. A Muslim's attempt to authenticity

27th November - British memory and representation of the Kindertransport

25th November - Impossible Worlds

22nd November - Birmingham Workshops in Philosophy: Semantics and Pragmatics

18th November - Poor Heuristics

18th November - The Kindertransport in Retrospect

13th November - Tolstoy's question: the ecological preconditions of global justice

28th October - Why virtue ethics does not have a problem with right action

21st October - The Morality of Private War

16th October - West Midlands Remembers

7th October - Taking Morality Mathematically: Enoch's Indispensability Argument

3rd July - Unity and Diversity in Text and Tradition

27th June - Collaborative partnerships between universities and Muslim institutions: dismantling the roadblocks

22nd June - Undergraduate open day

21st June - Undergraduate open day

20th June - Undergraduate open day

13th June - Workshop: Interpersonal Narratives and Mental Health

11th June - Testing prayer: why Pentecostal healing should be studied empirically

10th June - "'O beastly Jews': Jewish Responses to that Venerable Tradition"

7th-8th June - My night with philosophers

6th June - Public engagement in health care priority setting

31st May - Human enhancement: three perspectives

29th May - The World's Oldest Bible: How technology shapes belief

29th May - David Parker at the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts

15th May - Postgraduate workshop: Improving your writing skills

15th May - Subjective well-being: when, and why, it matters

13th May - Actions, reasons, and presuppositions

10th May - Professor Thomas Pogge (Yale)

9th May - Three puzzles about spatial experience

8th May - Philosophy of Religion one-day workshop

1st May - Workshop: Metaphysics of Time

30th April - The origins of Anglo Jewry in Birmingham

29th April - Conceptual Cosmopolitanism: What conceptual relativity might be and could do

22nd April - Interpreting what Achilles said to the tortoise

21st March - Moral Responsibility and Psychopathology Workshop

21st March - Objective Faith? the Spiritual Object Studio Portrait Series

21st March - Homeric commentaries and paraphrases: Eustathius of Thessalonica in search of Demosthenes Thrax

20th March - Faith Schools - blessing or curse?

19th March - The Fifth Annual Rabbi Tann Memorial Lecture

18th March - Introducing Christian-Muslim Relations: a bibliographical history

18th March - Ecocritical readings of Modern Hebrew literature and recent Israeli fiction

11th March - Nature as metaphor in Modern Hebrew literature

7th March - Meleager rides the rails: Kenneth Rexroth's Greek Anthology

4th March - Philosophy Society: Bart Streumer

21st February - Romespeak: Why de Lingua Latina?

19th February - Sufism Islamic mysticism or is it just an essential aspect of Islam?

7th February - The Optical Neume Recognition Project

5th February - Islamism and the empowerment of women in Syria

5th February - UG Philosophy Society: John Broome

4th February - Maimonides Versus Nahmanides On Fighting for the Land of Israel: Some Reflections on Jewish Theology

1st February - Annual Philosophy of Religion Workshop

28th January - How reliable is the story of the Nag Hammadi discoveries?

28th January - Philosophy Society: Ben Colburn

28th January - Postgraduate student workshop

24th January - The Book of the Dead in Nineteenth-Century Britain

22nd January-19th March - The Cadbury Lectures 2013 - Department of Theology and Religion

15th January - Kitab al-Majdal in the 11th century Historical setting

10th January - Will the real Poseidonios stand up? The History and its recyclage