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PSA Director

Catherine Mangan has taken on the role of Director of the Public Service Academy.  Catherine is a Senior Fellow in INLOGOV and has previously held senior leadership, management and policy roles in the Office for Public Management, the County Councils Network, and the Local Government Association.

21st century public service: member/officer relationships

In November 2014 the PSA published the report of a research project examining the role of the 21st century public servant. Now researchers’ attention turns to the role of members, mirroring the public servant research by asking:

  • What is the range of different roles of the 21st century councillor?
  • What are the competencies and skills that councillors require to achieve these roles?
  • What are the support and training requirements of these roles?

This work will be undertaken by Catherine Needham and Catherine Mangan.

Getting over 'nature vs nurture' in education 

The ESRC Festival of Social Science aims to offer an insight into how social science research impacts on our lives. This workshop, led by Professor Deborah Youdell, shares research that brings together current ideas from genetics and social science to re-think how we make sense of children and young people and their experiences of learning.  It takes place on Tuesday 10th November (Further details).

What do we know about… ?

This year the School of Education (SoE) will host a PSA-SoE-BEP seminar series that aims to bring together UoB researchers and school educators to explore ‘what we know’ about a series of key pressing issues. 

 … teachers as professionals?                        … nature and nurture?                     … inclusion?

... wellbeing?                       … closing achievement gaps?         … character?                       … racism?

… schools and community action? …  intelligence?                                 … education and unemployment?

More details to follow.