About Doctoral Research

Doctoral research provides the opportunity to develop, conduct, report and publish on your own field of research, working under the supervision of academic staff but developing as an independent researcher.

Doctoral researchers in the School of Social Policy includes people who have come directly from postgraduate research training and also people who have decided to embark on a full or part time doctorate, building on their experience of employment in practice and policy fields.

Doctoral researchers in the School of Social Policy therefore bring a diverse range of experiences and are also conducting doctoral research for different reasons. Some people are pursuing an academic career whilst others seek to contribute their research skills and expertise to their own professional fields.

Doctoral Training Centre (DTC)

The University of Birmingham ESRC Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) is one of 21 such centres across the UK.

These were selected on the basis of research excellence, excellent environments for doctoral research and for having a critical mass in the social sciences. They represent a commitment by ESRC and Birmingham to supporting the skills development of those undertaking PhDs.

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The DTC is directed by Professor Pete Alcock of the School of Social Policy.

Doctoral Training Programme

The College of Social Sciences welcomes all doctoral researchers to the Doctoral Training programme which continues to enjoy full research training recognition by the ESRC. This programme aims to provide students with a sound background in social research design and the most up-to-date training in methods of data collection and analysis.

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Midlands Graduate School

The Midlands Graduate School is a collaborative venture between the University of Birmingham, the University of Nottingham ESRC Doctoral Training Centre and the Warwick Social Sciences Doctoral Training Centre, to provide dedicated facilities, resources and support to postgraduate students and early career researchers.

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