People, patients and communities

Our work in this area addresses the key concepts, approaches, challenges and opportunities in negotiating the relationship between health and social care as it is provided, and as it is experienced by people, patients and communities.

Governments in many countries are encouraging greater involvement of patients and the public in health care decision-making in the belief that services will be more accessible, acceptable and effective if the people who use them are involved in their planning, design and delivery.

Moreover, the experience of people using a service is increasingly recognised as a critical dimension of health care quality, and efforts to understand and improve that experience are longstanding within the NHS and many other health systems internationally.

What work do we do in this area?

Research - current and recent research projects focusing on the experiences of patients and members of the public include:

Teaching - our 'People, Patients and Communities' module is a core component of the Open Masters Programme, while the topic is embedded throughout the Programmes we deliver on behalf of the NHS Leadership Avcademy and our bespoke Executive Leadership and Development Programmes.

How do we do this?

We involve patients and members of the public in our research as co-researchers, as advisors, as representatives, as participants, and as a key audience for our findings.

Who is involved in this work stream?

Kerry Allen, Hilary Brown, Deborah Davidson, Nicola Gale, Karen Newbigging, Iestyn Williams

The key contacts for this work stream are Hilary Brown and Karen Newbigging.