Personalisation in health and social care

HSMC is at the forefront of national debates about the implementation of direct payments and personal budgets in both health and social care – and across broader public services.

Key resources

For an introduction to the concept of ‘Individual Service Funds, see Robin Miller’s new guide.

Needham, C., Allen, K. and Hall, K. (forthcoming 2016) Micro-Enterprises and Personalisation: What size is good care, Bristol: Policy Press.

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Glasby J, Littlechild R (2009) Direct Payments and Personal Budgets, Bristol: Policy Press. The first UK introductory textbook on direct payments and personal budgets, summarising the current evidence and implications for policy and practice.

Policy Papers

HSMC has published a series of policy papers on the implications of direct payments and personal budgets for various aspects of the health and social care system, including material on:

Broader public services

Working with the Centre for Welfare Reform, HSMC have produced a series of broader policy papers entitled ‘Creating a Beveridge report for the C21st’. These explore the implications of personalisation for:

Other relevant HSMC publications

Other relevant HSMC publications include:

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