NHS Leadership Academy Programmes

NHS Leadership Academy programmes are a set of national NHS professional development programmes combining successful leadership strategies from international healthcare, private sector organisations and academic expert content.

The Health Services Management Centre (HSMC), working with Alliance Manchester Business School, working in a Consortium led by KPMG has been commissioned to support the NHS Leadership Academy to deliver two professional development programmes available to over 25,000 staff including doctors, nurses, Allied Health Professional, healthcare scientists and HR and finance staff.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Programme logoElizabeth Garrett Anderson Programme

Do you have team leadership experience? Are you ready to move up to leading larger functions or departments, more complex projects with a wider reach and/or leading other team leaders? Do you want to use your leadership skills to shake things up, challenge the status quo and find a better way of doing things? Then the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme is for you. The programme leads to an NHS Leadership Academy award in Senior Healthcare Leadership and an MSc in Healthcare Leadership.

The benefits

The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme:

  • Helps you progress in the NHS by immersing you in innovative and intensive leadership development.
  • Improves your personal impact.
  • Builds your capability with the latest thinking and learning from world-class healthcare experts.
  • Helps you make an immediate and tangible difference to your workplace.
  • Helps you build a powerful regional and national support network within the Healthcare system.
  • Applies cutting edge learning methods that shape around you.
  • Is fully supported every step of the way, with a high level of support from your tutor, your learning set and online, through the user-friendly virtual campus.
  • Gives you access to global experts in healthcare and business.
  • Is co-created with National Voices to ensure a focus on patient feedback.

To find out more

Find out more and apply online for the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme.

Case study: Dianne Graham, Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Trust (RDASH)

Dianne Graham has already recommended the NHS Leadership Academy Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme to her managers at Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Trust. Dianne, who is Assistant Director of Mental Health, says the programme has so far been worthwhile and challenging.

“I think it is one of the best leadership programmes available and for me at this point in my career it has been extremely useful,” said Dianne, who started the programme in May 2014.

“I am really enjoying it. For me it’s a good mix of academia and practical application on leadership learning. I think the work-based assignments are thought-provoking – they enable you as a participant to really see the relevance of the learning in the workplace.

“As a leader I am more reflective generally. I put more effort into leadership rather than general management which I think provides more long-term impact and benefits patient care.”

Dianne says the EGA has increased her confidence and knowledge and has emphasised the importance of integrity. “The programme has been great for me. It has inspired me to provide value-based leadership, to focus on my leadership team and their potential and challenge activities that do not add value to patient care. It has helped me to collaborate with partner agencies as I am able to apply theory to practice and feel more confident in having certain conversations than previously.

“For example, since embarking on the programme I’ve challenged complex line management structures and requests for work that do not add value to patients. I’ve also had conversations with my leadership team about resilience and about maintaining a focus on improvements.”

Dianne feels she has always been committed to high quality patient care, and that has not changed. But she now has a heightened awareness of the importance of engaging patients in service development and in patient leadership. Although it is hard to combine the academic rigour and challenging schedule with a   demanding full-time job, Dianne feels inspired to continue her leadership development in future, and to help others to do so too.

“My plans would be to develop my coaching ability.  I would like to capitalize on my learning for the benefit of other NHS leaders.  The action learning sets in particular have supported this personal view.”

Nye Bevan Programme logoNye Bevan Programme

Are you a senior leader who has led larger functions or departments for some time? Are you thinking of moving up to your organisation’s top team? Are you interested in developing leadership skills that help you influence beyond your immediate sphere and across traditional boundaries? Are you ready to make a fundamental difference to the quality of care not just in your organisation but across the healthcare system? Get ready to lead a culture of ever-improving patient care across your organisation and wider care communities. The Nye Bevan programme leads to an NHS Leadership Academy award in Executive Healthcare Leadership and is proven to accelerate participants into an executive role and perform better at board level.

The benefits

The Nye Bevan programme:

  • Gives you the skills, knowledge, attitudes and belief you need to perform at Executive team and Board level.
  • Helps you understand the NHS from a system-wide, national and global perspective.
  • Arms you with ideas and tools to raise the bar for patients and tackle complex real-life problems with fresh thinking.
  • Gives you access to global experts in healthcare and business.
  • Reinvigorates you with cutting edge thinking on leadership, culture and system-wide change from Alliance Manchester Business School and the University of Birmingham.
  • Helps you make an immediate personal and organisational impact.
  • Is co-created with National Voices to ensure a focus on patient feedback.
  • Is organised around you, using a flexible self-managed learning approach.
  • Helps you build a powerful support network.

To find out more

Find out more and apply online for the Nye Bevan programme.


“I think it helps you to think two steps higher. To think about what are the challenges at Director level and what will the board see. It gives you the insight you need to move up and helps you to understand the challenges they see.”
Nye Bevan participant

 “Nye Bevan gave me the confidence to step up to the interim MD role and apply for the MD post.”
Nye Bevan participant

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