Nye Bevan Programme

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Are you a senior leader who has led larger functions or departments for some time? Are you thinking of moving up to your organisation’s top team? Are you interested in developing leadership skills that help you influence beyond your immediate sphere and across traditional boundaries? Are you ready to make a fundamental difference to the quality of care not just in your organisation but across the healthcare system?

Get ready to lead a culture of ever-improving patient care across your organisation and wider care communities. The Nye Bevan programme leads to an NHS Leadership Academy award in Executive Healthcare Leadership and is proven to accelerate participants into an executive role and perform better at board level.

The benefits

The Nye Bevan programme:

  • Gives you the skills, knowledge, attitudes and belief you need to perform at Executive team and Board level.
  • Helps you understand the NHS from a system-wide, national and global perspective.
  • Arms you with ideas and tools to raise the bar for patients and tackle complex real-life problems with fresh thinking.
  • Gives you access to global experts in healthcare and business.
  • Reinvigorates you with cutting edge thinking on leadership, culture and system-wide change from Alliance Manchester Business School and the University of Birmingham.
  • Helps you make an immediate personal and organisational impact.
  • Is co-created with National Voices to ensure a focus on patient feedback.
  • Is organised around you, using a flexible self-managed learning approach.
  • Helps you build a powerful support network.

To find out more

Find out more and apply online for the Nye Bevan programme.


“I think it helps you to think two steps higher. To think about what are the challenges at Director level and what will the board see. It gives you the insight you need to move up and helps you to understand the challenges they see.”
Nye Bevan participant

 “Nye Bevan gave me the confidence to step up to the interim MD role and apply for the MD post.”
Nye Bevan participant

Leadership development impact evaluation

HSMC has led an evaluation of two national leadership development programmes – the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and Nye Bevan Programmes.  This was carried out with the NHS Leadership Academy and was based on a survey that was administered jointly with a separate evaluation carried out by Frontlines Consultants.  The focus of the evaluation was on participants’ experiences of the leadership programmes and the extent to which these have  influenced their practice and improved their effectiveness as leader. Read the full report.