Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Commissioning

PG Certificate in Healthcare Commissioning

Following the passage of the Health and Social Care Act, this new Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Commissioning is designed specifically for clinical commissioners, all those involved in new CCGs and emerging commissioning support organisations.

Download our MSc Programmes 2015 brochure (PDF)

It is delivered by the Health Services Management Centre (HSMC), a leading policy and academic unit providing research, teaching and consultancy in health and social care for 40 years. It is also badged by NHS Clinical Commissioners with a discount for NHSCC members.

Although fully tailored to the current policy context, the PG Cert builds on previous successful programmes such as the MSc in Healthcare Commissioning delivered for NHS London and NHS West Midlands, the UK's first MSc in Public Service Commissioning (delivered jointly with the Institute of Local Government Studies) and a series of local and regional commissioning development programmes delivered throughout the country. Aimed at both clinicians and managers, these previous programmes have been consistently positively evaluated, and feedback suggests they help those in commissioning roles to understand what commissioning is, where it has come from, where it might be taking us and how to do it differently and better.

The programme will start in early 2015 and is based on three 5-day modules:

  • Strategic commissioning
  • Decision-making and priority-setting
  • Procurement and market management

Specifically aimed at clinical commissioners, the PG Cert is designed to balance existing workloads and commitments with the support CCGs need to adapt to new roles, and a PG Cert offers scope to get the best of both worlds (sufficiently in-depth whilst also not taking the time of a full MSc).

Further information

If you would like further information about this new course, please contact Jose Adkins, Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator, 0121 414 2280, .

More details about the Postgraduate Certificate in Health Care Commissioning in our 2015 Programme brochure (PDF)