Maria Arora (Aug 1998-May 1999)

Dr Maria Arora, HSMC (Aug-Dec 1999)I studied for my Postgraduate Certificate in International Health Management between August 1998 and May 1999. I am now the Director of Arora's Health Care and Education Foundation in Pakistan. This foundation is a recipient of the USA Chest Foundation's Community Service Award 2003. I also work for Haggai Institute, USA as Regional Representative in Pakistan, and I am a member of the Minority Advisory Council, Pakistan.

While I was at HSMC, many fond memories come to my mind. I will recall one incident. While I was going into the examination hall on the day of my last examination paper, I suddenly slipped outside the dining room and fell down. This was the first time I really 'saw stars' in broad daylight. The staff wanted me to be rushed to hospital but as I was adamant to take the examination, I insisted on proceeding to the hall.

The paper went well and I could barely feel the pain as I was taking painkillers and I went back to the dorm happy. Later in the night I got up in severe pain only to see my left leg swollen beyond proportions and unable to be lifted on its own. I was rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where I was treated.

Later at the convocation where Professor Per-Gunner was present, John Clark remarked 'I cannot understand how she can write while unconscious'. Splendid; he is one of the men who shaped my future, who taught me how to rise and change nations and to excel and having taken that back home today, I am the proud recipient of the 'Fatima Jinnagh Award' along with many other recognitions nationally and internationally.

I am proud to be par of the alumni of HSMC and shall continue to hold it in high esteem. I offer my voluntary services for whatever I can do in my capacity for the centre in Pakistan.