Simon Browes (2006-2008)

Simon Browes, HSMC (2006-2008)My time at HSMC was as an NHS GMTS trainee on the MSc Healthcare Leadership and management course from 2006-2008.

After completing the Scheme I went on to work as a Lead Assessor/Account Manager at the Healthcare Commission and CQC, Associate Director of Nursing - Clinical Practice Development and Clinical Senior Lecturer in New Zealand and I am now in the second year of a full time PhD (interdisciplinary health studies) at the University of Nottingham, where I contribute to undergraduate teaching: practising part time as a primary care nurse practitioner; and have roles with the Institute of Healthcare Management East Midlands Regional Council and Nottingham branch of the Royal College of Nursing.

Memories of HSMC/Park House are a very warm welcome from the staff; the wonderful Janet and her efficient lunch ordering policy; navigating/exploring the Edgbaston campus (which could be challenging in the dark); the summer BBQ and playing rounders in the garden (more time looking for lost balls in hedges); our summer ball which was held in Staff House (a very humid affair) and returning for graduation in July 2009 and the outdoor reception.