Monica Fletcher (1994-1996)

Monica Fletcher, HSMC (1994-1996)I undertook two courses at HSMC; the MSc Health Care Policy and Management (1994-1996) and later as part of the Primary Care Pathfinder programme, I was a participant on the Learning Set for Leaders in Primary Care (1997-1998) during which time I went on a study tour to New Zealand to study health services.

I am now the Chief Executive of Education for Health – an international education and research charity based in Warwick. Education for Health’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people living with long term conditions through the provision of high quality health professional education.

I am the Chair of the European Lung Foundation, and actively involved in many National, European and Global initiatives through my committee membership of the Global Alliance against Respiratory Disease, the American Thoracic Society, the European Respiratory Society and International Primary Care Respiratory Group. I am also an Associate of the Center for Managing Chronic Disease, University of Michigan. I have been involved in developing disease management guidelines nationally and internationally. I’m a member of several academic boards and have authored and reviewed numerous publications and been the principal investigator of a global survey highlighting the impact of COPD on the working age population. Currently I am leading the Respiratory Education Programme for the Department of Health and I’m a member of the UK Stroke Training Forum.

I thoroughly enjoyed my two encounters with HSMC and they were both life changing events for me.

The opportunity to visit New Zealand with the learning set to study primary care services particularly stands out for me and I still keep an eye on the careers of many of those fantastic women. Dr Jonathan Shapiro, who was our learning set leader, is now the Chairman of my Board of Trustees.

Happy Anniversary HSMC!