Nick Goodwin (1998-2003)

I worked at HSMC as a lecturer for 5 years between 1998 and 2003.

Nick Goodwin, HSMC (1998-2003)Initially employed to support HSMC's research programme looking at primary care based commissioning (PCG/PCTs) the post helped rapidly expand my portfolio of interests to areas such as primary care policy and management, dental services, international health management and development, care networks and integrated care.

The latter remains a key and lasting interest of mine as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Integrated Care which boasts your very own Jon Glasby as one of its international Editors. Today, working as Senior Fellow at The King's Fund, I lead its programme of work on integrated health and social care for older people and those with complex long-term care needs.

HSMC also gave me the opportunity to work on a range of educational courses including the impressive MTS graduate training programme, the directorship of several teaching programmes, as well as convening international study tours and summer schools. The latter remain vivid memories: playing touch rugby with Dutch medical students in the grounds of Park House; booking a hotel for primary care professionals on a Boston study trip (in what turned out to be a house of ill-repute!); and being paid £800 in cash - literally in a brown paper bag - by the treasurer of a Mongolian delegation in settlement of their fees as they sang a farewell song!

Good memories, and lasting friendships amongst staff, make looking back at this early part of my career with fondness. Most importantly, HSMC is where I first met Lourdes (in the Courtyard Room on a snowy day). We married in 2006 and now have two beautiful children (Amy 3, George 1).

HSMC has done great work over the years and I wish it a fantastic 40th Anniversary Year!

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