Jeanne Hardacre (2000-2004)

Dr Jeanne Hardacre, HSMC (2000-2004)I joined HSMC following several years as a general manager in the NHS and latterly as Head of Education and Development at a large NHS Trust. I worked at HSMC between 2000-2004 as a Senior Fellow with a focus on leadership development and organisation development. Highlights for me included working alongside some really thoughtful and talented researchers and thinkers, the opportunity to work with such a range of NHS managers and clinicians, and the chance to undertake research of my own, leading to an MSc by Research. For me, HSMC was an ideal place at that time to bridge the academic and healthcare sectors, and to understand how good research can make a tangible difference to services and to the people and organisations providing them.

I remain in close contact with several colleagues from HSMC days and have continued to enjoy working with them since I left HSMC. In 2004 I set up an independent research and development consultancy, focusing on evaluating the impact of leadership behaviour and leadership development on healthcare services, developing doctors and clinician as leaders, clinical team development, whole systems leadership and team/1:1 coaching. In addition to my independent work, I am an Associate at Leeds University's Centre for Innovation in Health Management (CIHM) and with ORCNi Ltd, a research and consultancy network. I have close links with Warwick Medical School, where I have recently completed my PhD, and where I contribute to teaching and consultancy projects.

I returned to HSMC recently to teach on the MSc in Leadership for Service Improvement (which I co-developed with Deborah Davidson), and it was lovely to catch up with some of my former colleagues. Whilst the work and focus of HSMC shifts in line with the changing public service context, I noticed that Park House still has the same distinctive (and pleasant) smell! Despite how quickly the policy context alters, some things stay the same!

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