Kim Jelphs (1999-2001 & 2004-2007)

Kim Jelphs, HSMC (1999-2001 & 2004-2007)Whenever I hear mention of HSMC, I smile! I smile because I have such a myriad of memories which are all positive, reflecting my time as a student, a senior fellow and now as a Senior associate.

People in my family have never gone to University, so finally studying for a masters degree at the age of 40 was a huge personal undertaking and I entered HSMC in 1999-2001 as a student with a mixture of trepidation and excitement and not quite believing I could do it. I still have the 1500 word formative essay that I wrote - covered in red pen asking “why?”; “what evidence was there?” and to “stop being so descriptive!”. That essay became the blue print for my student journey (and my later Trust Papers) – everything I then wrote I compared to it and asked myself if it answered the “red pen” questions.

I have very clear memories of one of the first policy sessions and being challenged as to why we didn’t know about the white paper - the question came from Chris Ham, and it had a huge impact on my thinking and understanding that you couldn’t lead anything if you didn’t understand the context.

I know it sounds twee but studying at HSMC changed my life - on completion I moved into a Clinical Director role and 2 years later was employed as a Senior Fellow at HSMC – co-directing the NHS Graduate scheme and leading the primary care masters. I now work for a Foundation Trust one day a week contributing to leadership, team and OD thinking and the rest of my working life is spent working independently - coaching, mentoring, designing programmes and facilitating events. I have a varied and rich career and I am so lucky!

Thank you HSMC!

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