Dave Martin

Dave MartinI have had a close relationship with HSMC for many years. My first contact was tangential whilst I did my MSocSci at the University but since then I have had ongoing contact throughout each of my Director of Social Services / NHS CEO roles in Sandwell, Walsall, Gloucestershire and most recently in Solihull over the past 16 years.

Having a keen interest in working across health and social care boundaries and needing all the help, challenge and wise counsel that I could get in navigating the turbulent waters of partnership, I was always keen to work with Edward, Jon and colleagues in learning from national best practice, evolving national policy and the often tentative evidence base. Hopefully over that time I have also been able to give something back in terms of presenting at a number of events and on several management development courses.

Having such an internationally renowned resource so close by has been a real asset and being able to have a direct and mutually beneficial relationship has been a privilege indeed.

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