Gerry McBride (2009-2011)

Gerry McBride, HSMC (2007-2011)On leaving school at 18 years of age in 1982 with five O-levels to join Royal Army Medical Corps, and without any other academic qualifications, HSMC allowed me at 45 years of age to undertake a course of study that I thought I could never undertake or achieve - I was an educational risk.

With the willing support and assistance given by the HSMC academic, administrative and library staff, I completed an MSc in Health Care Policy and Management, an outstanding accomplishment for someone taken at risk by HSMC.

Since graduating in 2011, my future career prospects to undertake more demanding military roles would not be possible without the professional health care qualification achieved at HSMC. For example, I may be employed as an Army Regional Health Care Director. Furthermore, when asked by London CEOs from NHS Hospital Trusts what I did before taking command of the City of London Field Hospital (Volunteers), when informed that I had been a full time MSc student at HSMC, they were very interested to know about my availability, and how much longer I had to serve in the Army? A CEO from one of the four London major trauma hospitals said: "There is life for you after the Army and your time as a full time student at HSMC will not go unnoticed."

Finally, the friendships that I made with the international students continue today. I shall always be grateful to HSMC for allowing me to be a student with them."

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