Arthur Phillips (2002-03 & 2005-06)

Arthur Phillips, HSMC (2002-2006)While at HSMC I was a student on the Masters of Public Health auditing the economic evaluation course and doing the advanced health economics course. When I returned I was a student on the MSc Health Economics and Health Policy and I again enjoyed the health economics course.

I continue to work at the interface of clinical care and public health administration at the Randal Phillips Polyclinic in Christ Church, Barbados. I have been an associate lecturer at the local medical school where I taught economics to MPH students.

I very much enjoyed being at HSMC, even as I understand that the Health Economics Unit is no longer based there. The building and grounds were fabulous with the old building and the well kept rambling grounds. There was the feeling of being near to the action as the staff of HSMC, including those of HEF, were involved in both academic and consulting work. This helped to make the learning more relevant and 'real'.

The other memory that I appreciate was the accessibility and humanness of the staff. There was the feeling that teaching was enjoyed and not a chore. The presence of young, vibrant and apparently balanced staff was refreshing even as the wisdom of experience and years of accomplishment were lauded.

Of the younger staff who are still there I remember (now Professor) Jon Glasby and (now doctor) Iestyn Williams. I recalled the approach including mode of dress of both gentlemen which gave me the distinct impression that at HSMC you did not have to be formal and stiff to be taken seriously as an academic, policy advisor and consultant!


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