Dr Sohail Saqlain (1990-1991)

saqlain-sohailI was at HSMC from October 1990 until October 1991 as a full-time British Council Study Fellow for MSoc.Sci (Health Management for Developing Countries, as well as a researcher with IACC, HSMC and also as PhD Mode I, Health Services Management student with Dr MJ Harley. I am now working as a Joint Secretary, Cabinet Division, Government of Pakistan.

I have wonderful memories of my stay at HSMC. I cannot forget my teachers, staff and colleagues of that time and particularly the beautiful design and architecture of the Park House building. I remember joyful and overworked Dr Don White, cheerful Dr Peter Spurgeon, charming and cool Dr Mike Harley. I cannot forget support staff like Janet Smith and others.

I remember excellent times in the lounge when there was a cricket match at Edgbaston live on TV. I remember straight comments of Penny Mullen. I used to seek assistance in finalizing my work on Performance Indicators from very senior faculty members. I remember when a small cute and smart dog used to walk from one room to the other.

My stay at HSMC taught me everything from personality development to management techniques. It helped so much in my career that I have risen to this level.

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