Jonathan Shapiro (1993-2007)

Dr Jonathan Shapiro, HSMC (1993-2007)I joined HSMC as a Senior Fellow in September 1993, and only moved over to the Medical School in November 2007 because I felt that working with clinicians might be easier if I was based in a Medical School rather than a Management Centre.

During my time at the Centre, I worked with many others growing and developing our portfolio, particularly in the areas of primary care, GP led commissioning (in all its guises, from fundholding through PCGs to PCTs), and the growing perceptions of the need to consider health care systems, not just single sectors.

It was an exciting time, both for the Centre, with its growing reputation and ability to influence policy at the very centre of the service, and personally, as we experimented with new forms of teaching and research, and managed to marry the rigour of academia with the pragmatism that the NHS required; there were people to meet, countries to visit, learning sets to run...

In my latter years at the Centre, I also became a non-executive Director and eventually chaired the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust for a number of years. I now research change in the NHS wearing my University hat, and do development and diagnostic consultancy work in the rest of my time. I also recently married one of my HSMC students!


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