Neil Stevenson (2002-2005)

Neil Stevenson, HSMC (2002-2005)I studied at HSMC part time from September 2002 to July 2005 on the MSc programme on quality management in healthcare. When I started I worked for NHS Education for Scotland, and every single element of the course was of practical use in my training role with healthcare professionals.

During my studies I moved to the Law Society of Scotland, where I am now Director of Representation and Professional Support and I found many lessons transferred well from healthcare to law, and gave me a cutting edge in a profession that spends less on research, audit, education and quality assurance, and so has less experience in those fields.

I love my current role, but still have a passion for healthcare, and was delighted to be appointed by the Privy Council as a member of the General Dental Council, an appointment I'm sure my HSMC qualification played a key part in. The qualification was well organised and structured, but the stand out memories are of the calibre of staff and speakers who delivered it (with Penny Mullen and Shirley McIver, regular stars who led us through topics I still refer back to my notes from time to time!).

There are too many people I should be thanking from my days there to name everyone personally, but in many ways it was the whole team that made HSMC so welcoming, from Janet in the canteen, through the support staff to those who presented. Learning from international students was also a key element, challenging perceptions and assumptions.

I would thoroughly recommend HSMC to anyone.

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