David Thompson (1973-1999)

David Thompson, HSMC (1973-1999)Initially when I joined HSMC, I was a researcher focusing on management development issues and then I taught human resource management topics for a wide variety of postgraduate and post-experience programmes. In several cases, this led on to substantial consultancy assignments.

From 1985 the emphasis changed to overseas and international work. Major projects were undertaken in India, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Malta and for the World Health Organisation, Overseas Development Administration and the British Council. (I was on secondment to the Kong Kong Polytechnic from 1994 until 1998).

Since leaving HSMC in 1998 I continued with postgraduate teaching and research at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University from 1999 until 2005 and then retired to the south coast near Brighton.

Since I joined HSMC near the beginning I had the privilege of participating in its establishment and development: an exhilerating time at HSMC and in the NHS. Its distinctive contribution lay increasingly in promoting individual learning and understanding in its organisational setting.