Andrew Wall (1992-2005)

Andrew WallIt was 1992 and yet another reorganisation of the NHS was underway. I had been Chief Executive (under various titles) in the large Bath Health District for over 18 years and this time I had to go!

I had first met Chris Ham doing my MSc at Bristol University in 1979 and subsequently he had done research in Bath. I had always done a certain amount of class work and it was good of him to offer me a senior lectureship at HSMC. My experience as an NHS manager was obviously useful and I did whatever was asked of me - well, almost!

My speciality however was ethics and the health services manager on which I had previously written a book for the King's Fund. It was a popular subject except that I was concerned with managerial ethics: as I said "I don't do euthanasia".

I always enjoyed my time at HSMC although some of the consultative work was not so interesting as it seemed too often that local managements could have sorted out their own problems.

As the years passed - 13 in all - I did more and more essay marking and less field work. And the time came when my erstwhile trainee, Edward Peck from Bath became my boss. So after 50 yers of working for the NHS it seemed the time to go. Since then I have reitred completely and torn up my lecture notes.

As for the NHS today, I am clearly not the person to ask!

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