Ethical change leadership in health and social care

HSMC Senior Fellow, Merv Conroy, has just published a book entitled An Ethical Approach to Leading Change: An Alternative and Sustainable Application.  The book, which breaks new ground as part of an emerging 'ethical' turn in the field of leadership development, is the first study to apply the virtue ethics of MacIntyre to the subject of leading organisational change with reference to the health and social care sector.

MacIntyre highlights significant limitations on ethical debate in our society and suggests these limitations mean that modern working practices are highly susceptible to being corrupted especially when institutions place money, status or power above the goods of excellence.  An Ethnical Approach to Leading Change includes empirical material that supports this theory.

The book will be of particular interest to people leading or studying organisational change within the health and social care sector.

See the Palgrave Macmillan website for further details of this publication