Report addresses the scarcity of doctors in senior management roles

A study led by Professor Chris Ham, analysing the issues faced by medical chief executives, has recently published its findings.  The paper, Medical Chief Executives in the NHS: Facilitators and Barriers to their Career Progress, is a collaboration between HSMC, The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, The University of Warwick and the Institute of Innovation and Improvement, and reports on the experiences of 22 medical chief executives in England.

The findings of the study suggest that there should be a more structured and systematic approach to developing medical leadership in the NHS, a key tenet in the drive to achieving high performing healthcare systems.  The study suggests that some of the issues faced by senior medical managers include poor job security, a lack of a well defined training or career path and disadvantageous professional and financial opportunity costs in terms of making the change from a clinical to a managerial career.

Full report: Medical Chief Executives in the NHS: Facilitators and barriers to their career progress (pdf; opens in new window)