A global perspective on ageing

Professor Jon Glasby was recently invited to Vancouver to address the 2011 Centre for Health Services and Policy Research (CHSPR) conference. The conference theme was ‘Myths and realities about health care for an aging population’ and Jon spoke in a session which asked; ‘Is it possible (or sensible) to differentiate health and social care?’  While there, Jon also presented to Vancouver Coastal Health and other University of British Columbia colleagues on personal health budgets and the implications of the personalisation agenda. 

CHSPR is part of the University of British Columbia and like Birmingham, is a member of the prestigious U21 network of leading universities. HSMC is co-ordinating the international U21 ‘health organisation and management’ network through colleagues Helen Dickinson and Russell Mannion.

Further details on HSMC's work around health and social care partnerships and personalisation.

Further information

For further information on the U21 Health Organisation and Management Network, contact Helen on h.e.dickinson@bham.ac.uk or Russell on r.mannion@bham.ac.uk.