NHS Fast Track Management Development at HSMC

A partnership between the Health Services Management Centre at the University of Birmingham and Manchester Business School has been awarded a new contract to run the education programme for the NHS' "fast track" management training scheme for future senior leaders.  The scheme is one of the most comprehensive and highly rated graduate management training schemes in the UK, and there are several thousand applications every year for just 150 places, in one of four specialty areas: General Management, HR, Finance and Information.

Trainees work in a series of NHS management roles while undertaking postgraduate studies in their relevant field.  The 60 General Management trainees will study towards a Masters degree in Leading Service improvement which will be jointly awarded by the two universities.  A new innovation this year is that all 150 trainees across the 4 speciality areas will study the first part of the General Management programme, as well as their specialism, to reflect the need for all NHS Managers to understand service improvement principles.  This means we will be co-ordinating our efforts with 5 other educational providers.

Jon Glasby, Professor of Health and Social Care at HSMC said:

"These are some of the most talented and creative managers in the UK, and it's a pleasure to teach them early in their careers and then see them go on to hold very senior roles in the NHS in the future.  We welcome the HR, Finance and Information trainees to the first part of the programme: this is important in showing that service improvement is everybody's business.

HSMC has been involved in the NHS Management Training Scheme for over 10 years and have been awarded the contract for the fourth time in a row - the first time this has happened in the Scheme's 55 year history.

The NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme, hosted by the NHS Institute, has taken first place in the 2011 Guardian UK 300 survey of the top graduate employers, and made it into the top five of The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers.

For further information, please contact Tracey Gray, t.gray@bham.ac.uk.