Holiday reading for health historians

A new book co-authored by HSMC's Professor Martin Powell entitled 'Cradle to Grave, Municipal Medicine in Interwar England' examines the provision of municipal medicine - an important, but historically neglected, part of the British health care system in this period.  Using archival data, it explores the patterns of local authority medical services at both national and local  levels, raising important questions about the role of local government in this period before the advent of the National Health Service.

The book is part of a series - 'Studies in the History of Medicine' - published by Peter Lang which addresses both the social and the intellectual dimensions of the history of medicine.

Levene, A, Powell, M, Stewart, J and Taylor, B (2011), Cradle to Grave. Municipal Medicine in Interwar England, Oxford: Peter Lang (ISBN: 978-3-03910-904-3).