Accentuate the positive - believing in communities

A new paper in the Beveridge for the 21st Century series, jointly published by the Centre for Welfare Reform and University of Birmingham, argues that positive change in communities begins with positive thinking. The paper's lead author, John Gillespie suggests that communities are damaged by the negative way they are seen by public services and that 'imposed solutions' can make the situation worse. Instead he and co-author, Susanne Hughes, recommend that local agencies and communities look towards the Connected Communities model (C2) for inspiration. The paper sets out what the model entails and provides examples of where and how it has worked.

John Gillespie is a business consultant for Acevo Solutions - the recently set up trading arm of Acevo - the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations. The Beveridge for the 21st Century series is edited by the Centre's Simon Duffy, HSMC's Jon Glasby and Queen Mary's Catherine Needham.

Read the full report: Positively Local (pdf; opens in new window)

The paper is also the subject of an article on the Guardian's Public Leaders Network.