International research network publishes report

Contracting at the Margins Research Group report

HSMC academic, Helen Dickinson, is a member of The Contracting at the Margins Research Group, which has recently published a report. This is an emerging international network of researchers interested in documenting the role of the Non-Government sector (NGO) in the provision of primary health care (PHC) services for those populations living in marginalizing circumstances. Its work is focused on developing a collective body of applied policy research aiming to demonstrate alternative funding and accountability frameworks for indigenous controlled health services and the NGO sector.

Members of the Research Group first met as a group following the 2007 Health Services Research Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference, when they were speaking or attending the same session. They identified the need to create a collaborative network to work on a common international programme of research. They have expanded the Research Group to fill knowledge gaps and expand their capacity to make a difference in their area of focus.

Contracting at the Margins Research Group Report (pdf; opens in new window)

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