HSMC building on links in China

Guangzhou bridge

With major health reforms underway in China, HSMC is linking to a number of leading Chinese Universities and health policy centres in order to develop its international work and relationships.

The University of Birmingham already has offices in Shanghai and Beijing, as well as collaborative centres in Guangzhou with the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality.

The University of Birmingham is one of the most engaged British universities with China and is ranked in the top three in the UK for the number of joint publications with Chinese collaborators. Guangzhou, which has been a sister city of Birmingham since 2006, has a history of collaborating with the University of Birmingham in a range of different areas, most notably health and social sciences. Situated at the heart of the Pearl River Delta with a history of 2,225 years, Guangzhou has long been an economic powerhouse of China. It has become the third largest mainland city after Beijing and Shanghai, the hub for one third of all of China's international trade, and the lead in transportation, education, scientific research and culture in South China.