Dignity in Older People's Services

Drawing on a series of HSMC studies, Professor Jon Glasby addressed the 'Dignity Commission' established by the NHS Confederation, Age UK and the Local Government Association.

Working with an audience of nurse leaders, managers and researchers, Jon presented key themes from HSMC's work on older people's experience of service transitions and work being led by Nurse Directors to improve the quality of care in acute hospitals.

Key themes in this research and practice development include:

  • The importance of involving older people and their carers in research and policy development so that they are genuinely seen as 'partners in care'.
  • Paying attention to the voices of groups of older people who are seldom heard (for example, people from black and minority ethnic communities or people with dementia).
  • Seeing transition as a psychological and a social process as well as a physical one.
  • Paying as much attention to emotional support as to people's physical care needs.
  • Recognising that nursing and care is a form of emotional labour and that this needs proper support.