Meeting the 'Nicholson challenge'

The Health Services Management Centre held a seminar in May on 'Meeting the "Nicholson challenge" - how to disinvest in health care services.

This seminar brought together national and international experts from both service and research settings to discuss practical strategies for achieving savings in a context of limited health care budgets. Attendees at the seminar included current NHS commissioners, GPs and managers from acute services amongst others. In addition to this the seminar was also attended by a range of University of Birmingham academics from a number of different backgrounds and specialisms.

Meeting the 'Nicholson challenge' - how to disinvest in health care services

The seminar was well received by the delegates who were enlightened by the international experience and insight of Dr Craig Mitton and Diane Schmidt from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, whilst being encouraged to keep a domestic focus through the clinically informed input of Dr Daphne Austin, Commissioning Advisor at the School of Health and Population Sciences at the University of Birmingham, and Dr Jonathan Leach, a practising GP and Medical Director at NHS Worcestershire.

Read a full report of this one-day seminar (PDF)