Steering or Rowing: report from a simulation event testing how CCGs might utilise CSSs

NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) has published a report to support Clinical Commissioning Groups in developing effective relationships with Commissioning Support Services.

'Steering or Rowing? Report from a simulation event which tested how CCGs might utilise CSSs' outlines the challenges and areas of support these organisations need to consider when working together.

HSMC were commissioned by the NHS Commissioning Board (NHSCB), SHAs and the Clinical Commissioning coalition to design and deliver a simulation event to test how Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) would utilise Commissioning Support Services (CSSs) in the new world. Over 60 participants attended from across England and were grouped into 4 CSSs and 6 CCGs. An Acute Trust was also represented.

They were given a fictitious name and location (Middlechester) and were placed in April 2013. Their tasks included developing their operational plan; redesigning the system to deliver COPD services more efficiently and effectively, and handling a number of media concerns and crises along the way.

Yvonne Sawbridge

One participant said: "The issues we addressed today matched what is really happening in our locality", and it therefore appeared to be an effective tool to facilitate their learning.

The final report authored by HSMC's Yvonne Sawbridge, 'Steering or Rowing?', published by the NHSCB, is now available. The learning will be used to enable the NHSCB to provide ongoing support to CCGs and CSSs. The HSMC team have also been approached to deliver 2 similar events for a local cluster in London later this year.

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