Developments in priority setting at HSMC

HSMC was well represented at the recent conference of the International Society on Priorities in Health Care in Vancouver. Tim Freeman presented a paper entitled ‘Accountable and reasonable? Priority setting in the UK NHS’. This drew on data collected as part of a Nuffield Trust-funded study of Primary Care Trusts from which two peer reviewed journal articles are now available (see below). Tom Daniels – a PhD student at HSMC – presented a paper entitled ‘Disinvestment in the English NHS: a qualitative investigation’ and Iestyn Williams spoke at a post-conference workshop on the theme of ‘Tackling termination in health services’. Iestyn has now been elected as secretary of the Society.

New priority setting publications:

Robinson, S., Williams, I. Dickinson, H., Freeman, T., Rumbold, B. (2012) The practice of priority setting and rationing in health care: the English Experience. Social Science and Medicine,

Robinson, S., Dickinson, H., Freeman, T., Rumboldt, B., Williams, I. (2012) Structures and processes for priority setting by healthcare funders: a national survey of primary care trusts in England. Health Services Management Research (September edition).

Lafi, R., Robinson, S., Williams, I. (2012) Economic evaluation and health care rationing in Jordan: a study of national-level priority setting. Value in Health,